President Message 


It is an honour to be able to found Qatar Physics Society and become its first president. I am very keen on attaining a diverse member population and engaging them to experience the excitement of physics. We will communicate our vision and objectives to all sectors of society to engage those interested in physics in our activities. We will share our goals and activities through continuous meetings, social media, and many other events. We are particularly focused on education and the youth. We aim to give our youth a world class international experience while in Qatar but we also plan to make available to them many opportunities to travel to international facilities and organisations to witness hands-on experience.

We encourage all physics graduates no matter how old or young to join our membership and create the physics community we aspire for in Qatar. We also encourage schools and other institutions in Qatar to become our partners. We are collaborating with several international societies and laboratories to share the passion for physics worldwide.


Ilham Al-Qaradawi

Prof. Ilham Al-Qaradawi

President – Qatar Physics Society
Professor of Physics – Qatar University