Physics Related Education in Qatar

  • Physics at school

    • Studying Physics can open up many doors in terms of career choices, as well as allowing you to specialize in a Physics-related field
    • Attend one of QPS’s many events and see how truly enjoyable Physics can be! (click here button for events page)
  • Physics at University/College

    • Unfortunately, there are no Physics-based degrees taught in Qatar, but nonetheless several educational institutes offer Physics-related modules an courses which you may be able to take and can help kick-start your career in Physics.
    • Qatar University – Engineering and Science
    • Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar – Computer Science
    • Texas A&M – Engineering
    • College of the North Atlantic


Physics Related Career Opportunities in Qatar

  • Hamad Medical Corporation

    As the main healthcare provider of healthcare in Qatar, HMC provides a wider range of medically applied roles for Physicists. From radiation safety to nuclear medicine, HMC not only provides great employment opportunities for Physicists but also provides great education and training opportunities via the Medical Education Department and the Hamad International Training Center.

  • Sidra Medicine

    An ultramodern medical center for women and children with state of the art facilities; Sidra provides great opportunities for Physicists in both clinical practice and in research. The Diagnostics Imaging Department encompasses a Medical Physics team which carries out throughout the whole department: MRI, Ultrasound, X-rays, nuclear medicine.

  • Qatar University

    As an academic institution QU provides opportunity for teaching physics for undergraduate as well as graduate students. There are several research centers that are related to physics such as Centre for Advanced Materials (CAM), Environmental Science Centre (ESC), Gas Processing Centre (GPC) and others. There are also opportunities for working as a researcher on a funded research grant for a faculty member.

  • Qatar Environment & Energy Research Institute (QEERI)

    QEERI is a mission-driven national research institute, part of Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) with the mandate of leading the Energy and Water Security Challenges which are aligned with Qatar’s National Vision 2030. Roles are available for Physicists to carry out innovative research crucial to Qatar’s development in all four of QEERI’s research tracks: Solar Photovoltaics, Energy Storage, Grid Integration, and Energy Efficiency.

  • Qatar Science & Technology Park (QSTP)

    As part of Qatar Foundation Research and Development, QSTP is Qatar’s primary incubator for technology development and focuses on four themes as per the Qatar National Research Strategy (QNRS) announced in 2012; Energy, Environment, Health Sciences and Information & Communication Technologies. All of these sectors provide areas in which a Physics career can be sought. Furthermore, the entrepreneurial-minded may even look to take one of their innovative startup ideas to a handful of QSTP’s intensive mentoring and training programs and provide that boost to help commercialize your scientific innovation.